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30 July 2009 @ 10:16 pm
Sasuke Fic for NARUTO_CONTEST  
Title: Parole
Rating: G
Genre: General; romance, drama
Characters: Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin, SasukeXKarin, KarinXSuigetsu
Word Count: 570
Summary: Karin has plans  for tonight when Taka takes a break.

Feedback is appreciated.


 Sasuke, as well as the rest of Taka, were well on there way to the Kage meeting. The Uchiha’s mind was full engrossed with thoughts of exacting justice against the bastard Danzo for what he had done to his brother. Suigetsu and Juugo were concentrating on how they should back up their team captain at the crucial moment if need be. Karin, on the other hand, had other things on her mind. Rather than contemplating pertinent matters, she was infatuated with her thoughts of Sasuke and her devilish plans for “tonight”.  


It hadn’t been long since Karin had known Sasuke, yet she had known from the moment she laid eyes on him that he was “the one”. Her soul and body yearned for him. She was fully aware that sooner or later, if she didn’t suffice her desire, it would lead to something catastrophic. That’s why she knew that “tonight” would be the night.


Taka passed through mountains when a light snow began to fall. Karin, despite the cold, was feverish with excitement of what was to pass between Sasuke and her soon-or so she thought. Suigetsu made a quip at her which she snidely returned back as usual. However, Sasuke showed a slight expression of worry. Karin gaped in surprise and blurted out, amidst her awe and confusion, that she was fine and that they should keep moving. To Karin’s despair, Sasuke completely ignored her and went on to mention that he noticed a horrible blizzard coming which would drain them physically. Thus, he concluded they should hold down for the night in a nearby cave. Karin was a mess. She was embarrassed and slightly shocked. Though she had expected Sasuke not to worry about her, it still bothered her.


            The blizzard came as promised. The Taka members respectively found there own private spots around a small fire they had built inside the cave and went to sleep. Karin had made sure to strategically place herself nearest Sasuke so she could implemant her plan.


Karin slowly edged her way towards Sasuke. He was underneath his makeshift covers, but Karin was so sure she would do it tonight. She inched closer and closer until she was lying right next to him. Karin now lay completely still. She was trying her hardest to slow down, if not stop, her breathing. She didn’t want to alert Sasuke, but the excitement in her heart prevented her from completely erasing her presence. She stealthily put her hand in his and crept her other hand over him. Success! She would be able to sleep with Sasuke for the night in hug position. At the thought of accomplishing her goal, Karin sighed and fell fast into a deep sleep. However, she was eager; too eager. Though she had accomplished her feat, she had failed to realize that the one she now clung too was not Sasuke, but Suigetsu.


Looks like Karin really had caught a cold, and Sasuke really was worried. He smiled to himself while Suigetsu sighed and went back to sleep with Karin over him. The next day Karin woke up after her other three Taka teammates. She had gotten over her cold and was now happily filled with fond memories of her night with “Sasuke”. Coincidentally, Suigetsu was happy too. He now had ample sources to pester Karin with if the need should arise, which surely would. It was a win-win situation…

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(Anonymous) on July 31st, 2009 06:57 am (UTC)
haha i loved the idea for this story! XD
With. Ninja. Swords.: Ai no Justu ♥sangomeister on August 6th, 2009 07:32 am (UTC)
thanks! ♥