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17 July 2009 @ 12:35 am
Sasuke Fic  

Title: The Wheel of Destiny
Pairings/Characters: Sasuke, Itachi
Warnings: **spoilers up to latest Chappie**
Word Count: 397

Genre: Angst, Drama, LOVE

Summary: Sasuke was remembering the unwanted memories that now shed light onto his brother’s true character.


The Wheel of Destiny


Sasuke…?” the fading voice beckoned to no avail. The howling winds stirred the leaves, muffling the gentle timbre of the one he called brother. A storm was on its way.

“Where are you?”


There it was again; like the eerie chime of forgotten bells. Eternal. Damned. Sasuke. Sasuke.

Suddenly the crestfallen Uchiha jolted awake and was welcomed to a sea of tears streaming down his face. He was hit with the reality of what he had done, what had happened, and what was to be. His dreams, which once housed the only hope of solace from the truths he had learned, were now futile recollections.

 His short reverie of family life was shattered by his brother, who he rightly abhorred. Yet it was no right, but an injustice to a brother who suffered more. A family’s love lost not once, but twice. Hence, the flooding memories, past and present, were potent poison to the already aching heart of the young Uchiha frozen in time that tragic night. His soul was broken.

The Uchiha slightly regained his composure and slowly got up. He headed to the mouth of the cave he had ducked into for shelter against the rain. A flash of light illuminated his tear-stained face, and then he was once again plunged into the engulfing darkness. The sound of the rain was overbearing. It was engraving itself into his mind once again.

“He’ll never catch me now” though the young Uchiha to himself. He was running away, as fast as he could, so his elder brother couldn’t catch up. It was cold, and the rain kept him from seeing ahead of him, but he prevailed. His heart was full of desire to beat the elder brother he loved and admired so much.

             An ironic foreshadow of what was to come.

“I told you not to go out too far. Now look at you. You have a fever and a bad cough!” the elder Uchiha tenderly imparted as he laid his big hand on the little one’s forehead. He gave a feint smile and went to get some medicine. The young Uchiha smiled and faintly whispered…

“Gomen ne nii-san… gomen”  

                 The rain subsided, and Sasuke left to meet up with his fellow Team Taka members; he was headed to the meeting of the kages, but his ears were full with the haunting calls of his beloved elder brother. 


                 The Wheel of Destiny was set into motion.




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