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21 August 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Sasuke Fic  

Title: Sad Romance
Characters: Sasuke
Genre: ANGST, Drama
Word Count: 743
Written for

Summary: How fate likes to toy with Sasuke's heart and soul.


A little bit more and “it” wouldn't matter anymore. A little more, and he'd be able to extinguish the wretched source of his affliction, the feeling which constantly ravaged his soul. Love.

It was a serene visage of truth that lay before the ones stuck in the fantasy we call reality which Father Time had established. The clock always ticked faster and faster for those stuck in this illusion. However, to those whose hearts had experienced the truth behind the lies... Time was a wicked fiend. To such individuals, just like this young man from the renowned Uchiha clan, he was a merciless tyrant whom berate these insolent ones; the ones who had glimpsed too much of what the world really was.

In the same breath, Time bewitched these abandoned souls, forcing them into a frozen tundra of utter isolation. A drowning place that offered no escape. No escape that is, but the small shards of hope which were created by replaying the countless memories that would not disappear. It was a false hope. Though it allowed the ill-gotten ones to peer into the emotion called love, they were always prevented from making actual contact with her. Time was a cruel master... and his slave, Love.

It was in this barren wasteland that the Uchiha's heart now lay dying, thirsting for something... anything to quench it's insatiable desire for wretched Love which was always kept at bay. Everyday he was only taunted by unforgiving Time which used Love's wiles to seduce him over and over again.

Would the bell toll once more?

In truth, Love has all the tender associations of warmth and security. Wherever she goes, she snugly delves deep within. Especially in those who bide there precious days in the sweet delusion which the Uchiha was now abjectly rejected from. What's more, he had always yearned for it more than anyone, though he'd never admit it. Even before his exodus, he had wanted it so much that it was all he could think about.

The emptiness was always unbearably persistent.

Nonetheless, from the earliest moments of his acquaintance with her, his encounter with Love was fraught with the peril from the Puppet Master who pulled the real strings. The love he was aware of as a child was always intertwined with something more terrifying; something which prevented him from fully giving into her. Hence, though he had so surely grasped her in his hands, it all came to nothing when she began to slip away unfeelingly between his fingers, like sand.

Yet, even though he was shackled against his will for Time's amusement, he still coveted the miracle giver Love. Or he did, at first. He knew it was a fools errand. His conclusion... the best solution was to be rid of it... this thing that had always troubled him. Therefore, he was keen on striving forward until he snuffed out any seeming light she, this fleeting emotion, created in the ever-growing darkness which was overtaking his heart. Therefore, the young man learned to abate his desire and resigned himself to the vicious twists of fate that he was subject to. He was becoming more steady, more closed off.

Time would not even grant him this solace.

After that incident, more precisely the death of his brother, the chains which had caged her, the once treacherous emotion, broke, and Time relinquished him from any form of misery. Or so he thought. The swelling feeling which had been locked away overflowed and the time that he had lost came rushing to him. The lock was undone, the prisoner set free, and Love once again carried her feeling to him as she nestled him gently between her bosom; unwavering, firm. His tears jutted forth, but it was Time who had the last laugh. Far from being saved from a tragic death, his heart was now, truly on the verge of dying. Before he had unconsciously clung to the bits and pieces of her sweet embrace that found there way into his memories; tempering his sorrow, his agony. Now, precisely because of Time's release and his consequent liberation, the young man knew what suffering really was. He was able to really feel after all these years. He was overcome with pain. It gripped him and wouldn't let go. It was a suffering unlike anything anyone had felt or ever could know.

His soul, the young man's deeply wounded soul, was dying...



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